Setup Outlook for APU Gmail

A guide for how to sync your APU Gmail account (or any Gmail account) to your Microsoft Outlook account on a Windows Machine.


1) Go to this website

Click here to download the Google Apps Sync tools

2) Click on the Download GSSMO link


3) Open, and run the googleappssyncsetup.exe file

4) Once you’ve selected Run you may get an additional pop-up asking if you really want to run the program, confirm that you do. Once you have done this a number of windows will open and close. The final one notifies you that the installation was completed, you can click the close button.


5) Once the installation has completed you will be prompted to enter your email address, please enter your full email address, including the domain After you have done this, click Continue.

6) A pop up will appear asking you to grant access to the application

7) Before you have a chance to click Continue a web page should pop up, it will have many more permissions than this, but all you need to do is scroll to the bottom and click the blue Allow button

8) Once you have clicked Allow the page will change to this

9) You should then have a window appear called Set Up Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. On this popup screen click Create Profile

NOTE: If you are migrating from another computer in which you utilized Outlook, this is where you can import any old data that may have only lived in your old Outlook instance (Outlook Calendars, Distribution Lists, Possibly Folder organization). You would back up your old Outlook Data from your old computer to a .pst file and then import that .pst file here to your new computer with your new Outlook profile. You can ask a team member at the IMT Support Center for assistance with this if you would like!

10) It will go through a process and a Migration Status dialogue box should pop up, once it has finished processing a dialogue box will appear on top of the Migration Status box. When this happens click OK

12) You will then be prompted to Start Microsoft Outlook, do this by clicking the Start Microsoft Outlook button

13) You will be prompted to choose your profile, whichever email address you entered in step number 5 will appear here. To continue click the OK button.

14) Microsoft Outlook will open and the sync will begin. This may take some time depending on the size of your inbox in Gmail, but once it is complete the sync dialogue box will look similar to this

15) Here is an example of what your Microsoft Outlook may look like once syncing has completed


16) You can adjust the size of these particular panes by hovering your mouse over the dividing line and clicking and dragging it until it is the desired size. Congratulations, you have successfully synced your Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook

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