APU Live (Events and Chapel)

Click HERE to access APU streaming of live events and, chapels, and APU's YouTube channel housing previously-aired chapels.

Note: You may access this site as a guest while on the APU Campus; however, you will need to access APUWIFI in order to do so or be hardwired to the internet. Mobile devices can access - data plan rate charges will apply per your carrier if you are not connected using WIFI.

Click HERE for instructions on enabling Flash on Chrome browser.

Click HERE for instructions on connecting to APUWIFI with a Windows machine. 

Click HERE for instructions on connecting APUWIFI with Mac OSX.

Click HERE for instructions on connecting to the Guest WIFI.

If you are a remote user off campus, your device will still need to be connected to the internet to view live streaming of any event on See FAQ.


The following will provide a tutorial on how to access APU Live from your web browser: 

1. Start by opening your web browser and going to or, this will redirect you to APU's live streaming site.

2. Once you've accessed the site, you will see the following page:


If you access the site when an event is not active, it will look like it does in the screenshot above. If an event is broadcasting, it will load and display on the site.

3. To access the recordings of previously-aired events, look to the middle/bottom of the page - you are looking for the link stating View Past Events:



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