Live Stream Easily with YouTube Live

Google Hangouts On Air is a powerful, simple, and free tool for creating webcasts & live streams to an unlimited number of viewers.

Google has recently migrated Google Hangouts On Air to YouTube live.  This is an exciting change, as high-level users will now have access to more tools.

For most users, you will still have access to all the features & simple interface of Google Hangouts.  Follow these simple steps to set up a YouTube Live event:

If you haven’t done so already:

  1. Make sure your webcam is connected and the drivers are installed
  2. Verify your YouTube account. 


Setting up a Live event:

  1. Navigate to:

  2. In the top right corner of the page click on your account thumbnail

  3. Click on “Creator Studio”

  4. On the left side of the screen select “Live Streaming”

  5. Then select “Events”

  6. If necessary click “Enable Live Streaming” and accept the terms and conditions on the next page

  7. In the top right corner of the page select “New Live Event”

  8. On the next page fill in the title and description of the event

  9. Under Type make sure “Quick (usIng Google Hangouts on Air)” is selected

  10. Set the start time of the event

  11. Change the event to “Public”, “Unlisted” or “Private”
    1. Public - The live stream will be viewable by anyone, will be listed on search engines and appear on your channel page.
    2. Unlisted - The live stream will be viewable by anyone with a link, but won’t be listed in search engines or on your channel page.`
    3. Private will only be viewable by you and those you explicitly add to the stream
  12. Click “Create Event” to save your changes

  13. Confirm your event is created on the next page


How to start streaming:

  1. Navigate to your Live Streaming Events page
    1. Profile Image > Creator Studio > Live Streaming > Events
    2. See steps 1-5 from above
  2. Find your event you want to stream and click “Start Hangout On Air”

  3. A Google Hangouts window will open.
  4. Click on the settings gear at the top

  5. Select the proper video, microphone and speaker device.

    1. You can test the speaker by clicking on “Play Test Sound”
    2. Select “Save” when you are finished
  6. Make sure your microphone and camera are unmuted.

    1. Your camera will be viewable in the window.
    2. An audio meter at the bottom will confirm the microphone is working
  7. Once you are ready to begin, select “Start Broadcast”

    1. Be sure you are ready to begin, once you stop the broadcast there is no way you can start it again.
  8. When you are done broadcasting click “Stop Broadcast”

    1. Once it is done, you can safely close the window.
  9. Your video will be saved on the Video Manager and can be viewed later.
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