Overview of Video Recording Studio (a.k.a. one button studio)


What is it? 

The Video Recording Studio, also known as the one button studio, is a self-service, easy-to-use video recording studio. Individuals without any previous video production experience can record high-quality video projects.

Where is it located?

The Video Recording Studio is located on east campus in the Marshburn Library in Room 125.  The room can be reserved through the Library.

Who can use it?

While priorities will be given to faculty and students, anyone in the APU community can reserve the Video Recording Studio to record a video project.

What are some common uses?

The Video Recording Studio can be used to record any video projects, such as course lectures and presentations, business pitches, practice interviews, marketing videos, and more.

How does the studio work?

To use the studio: 1) Insert USB drive in media box, 2) Choose desired setting on wall panel, and 3) Press start/stop button to begin recording.  When finished, press start/stop button and remove the drive.

How is the studio designed?

The studio has an HD camera, professional lighting, a 75" touch-screen display, wireless microphones, and a green screen.  The hardware automation enables the user to focus on their content, not the technical setup. 

Where did the idea come from?

Traditionally, video projects are time-consuming and technically complicated. Penn State University created the first One Button Studio to simplify the process of producing high-quality videos.

Who helped make the studio a reality?

The Video Recording Studio is a joint project with the University Libraries, Information and Media Technology (IMT), and the Office of Innovative Teaching and Technology (ITT), part of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CTLA).  The hope is that this studio will be a wild success, which could lead to a second studio on the west campus.  


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