Voicemail to Email Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request this service?

To request this service, contact the support center at


There’s a red light on my desk phone. What does that mean?

A red light on your desk phone means that you have a voicemail. Even if you’ve listened to the copy of your voicemail from your email, the voicemail system still contains the original message and will alert you through the red light on your phone.

When I delete a voicemail from my email, does it also delete it off the phone?

No. The email with voicemail attachment is only a copy. The original message still remains in the voicemail system, as usual.


Can I forward my emails with the voicemail attachment?

Yes. You can forward these voicemails in the same way that you forward any email. Keep in mind, that some voicemails may contain protected information. Your FERPA training will have prepared you but if you have any questions, please contact


I don’t want to get voice messages on my phone. How can I stop this?

Google provides great instructions for how to filter these emails out of your inbox. Using the address, you can create a filter that sends these directly to the trash.


I’m afraid this will use up my data allowance on my cell phone. What can I do to prevent charges?

Check the settings for email on your phone. For Android, there are settings that prevent attachments from downloading automatically if connected to a cellular data network.  


I want all my voicemail to go to it’s own folder in my gmail so it doesn't get mixed with with my normal email messages. Can I do this?

Yes! Since all voicemails will come from, you can create a filter in your gmail to place voicemails into a specific folder. Google provides great instructions for how to do this.


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