How to Change Your Password (

Individual Account Password Changes

 The steps for this are:

1. Log into

2. Click the Settings Icon

3. Click your Name
4. Click Change Password 


Role Account Password Changes

We are happy to announce you can now change the group role account via and will identify the account type.

The link functions in a similar fashion to a normal password, except this identifies group role accounts and allows the change of the account's password. Before proceeding, please be sure that you are logged out of your personal account (from CAS) so that the reset tool properly detects which account you are attempting to reset.


Please note that this requires existing knowledge of the current password for the account and will not allow the user to reset their password if they have forgotten what it currently is. Only the owner of this group role account will be able to change the password. You must log out of your individual account in order to reset the password of a role account.


If you cannot recall the original role account password, please contact the IMT Support Center and we can open a work order to have the password reset.




Last Updated: 1/13/15


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