Kami (PDF editor)




Kami is a document and file reading program that allows you to annotate, split, and combine PDF documents. 


How to access Kami

  • From your browser navigate to:  
  • Click the Install Kami button.
  • You will be prompted to install the browser extension

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Best Practices for this Application/Tool

  • This tool is an excellent more robust substitute for Adobe Reader. 
  • It has robust features in its free version (Ad supported) and is reasonably priced. (Get budget manager's approval before purchasing).

Service Notes

When using this tool to fill out a PDF form it is not recommended to "Save" the PDF to Kami servers if the form contains personal identifiable information. 

Since this tool is web-based, an Internet connection is required in most cases. 


APU can remove access to this tool at any time without prior notice if IMT determines that the continued use of Kami poses a significant risk to the safety and privacy of university and student data.

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