Operating System Installation

Operating System Installation

What is it?

An Operating System (Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X Mavericks, Lion) will be installed onto a computer with the correct media provided by the customer. This will erase all files and programs that exist on a computer if the files have not already been backed up by the Repair Center or the customer. This DOES NOT transfer programs or files that may have existed previously on the device.

An Operating System Installation can range from upgrading from an old Operating System or repairing the current Operating System if it is corrupted.

How much does it cost?

Operating System Installations cost $100.

What's Included:

  • Install a operating system on a functioning drive
  • Install needed drivers and system software
  • Install needed updates to make operating system current
  • Configure all settings to maximize performance
  • Test to make sure everything works correctly

Want this service?

Go to the IMT Support Desk (East Campus Building 5)

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