Free Virus Removal Tools

Free Virus Tools

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One of IMT’s primary goals is to make sure the network is safe for every user.  One way to keep the network, and individual computers, safe is to prevent virus activity. Students who do not frequently update their computers and antivirus software are putting their network access and that of the APU community at risk. Viruses can also damage computer files and distribute themselves via email or via the network to other at-risk computers.

Students with computers that are already infected are highly encouraged to bring in their computers before the infection causes data loss or operational failures.  Students can check in their computer to the Support Desk for one free virus scan every academic year .  If an additional virus scan service is desired, it will cost $75 through the IMT Repair Center .

However, In order to avoid large-scale virus issues, there are many free virus-scanning programs that students can run on their computers.

Helpful Online Tools  

Below are a few helpful websites that will offer free virus scanning and cleaning.


Please Note:   When using an online scanner, you might be prompted to purchase, download, or install extra software; doing so may result in Windows crashing due to incompatible antivirus software with Symantec Endpoint Protection

Free Downloadable Tools  

Below are a few helpful installable anti-malware programs. These tools are compatible with Symantec Endpoint Protection and will work in conjunction with each other.


Please Note: IMT does not formally endorse the above stated programs and does not claim responsibility for any damages that may result.  If you have any questions about proper usage of these tools, please visit the Support Desk to talk to a technician.

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