Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery

What is is?

A copy of all existing files (pictures, movies, music, documents, etc.) will be backed up to our server. This WILL NOT include programs such as Microsoft Office, Skype, etc. If needed these files will be transferred onto a hard drive or other external media.

The Repair Center will attempt to retrieve as much recoverable files (pictures, movies, music, documents, etc.) that is possible. This does not guarantee that all files can or will be recovered. 

How much does it cost?

Data backup is dependent on the amount of data.

0GB - 10GB = $35
11GB - 50GB = $50
51GB & over = $65

Data Recovery will only be used if we have to use extensive tools to access the data.

Data Recovery = $100

What's Included:

  • Copy all data on the provided media to another computer, or user provided media.
  • Copy all data on to our server temporarily.
  • Verification that all data has been copied correctly
  • Recovering data that has not been accidentally deleted
  • Recovering files from a failing, corrupted, or damaged drive 

Want this service?

Go to the IMT Support Desk (East Campus Building 5)

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