Computer Repair Services

IMT Repair Center

The IMT Repair Center provides students, faculty, and staff a convenient location for personal computer repair. Our certified technicians are available to the APU community to assist in the diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair, or upgrades of their personal computing devices.

The IMT Repair Center is staffed with Apple Certified Technicians who perform the same services as the Apple Store, but at the convenience of being located at APU's East Campus, saving you valuable time and money.

All of the IMT Repair Center's services are cheaper than commercial competitors (like Geek Squad) in effort to provide the best service to the students, faculty, and staff's personal computers.

To ensure your satisfaction, the IMT Repair Center provides a free diagnosis and price quote (if applicable) before committing to paid repairs.

Where is the IMT Repair Center Located?

If you are interested in any of the IMT Repair Center services please visit the IMT Support Desk (East Campus Building 5, next to the Munson Building parking lot) where a technician will be happy to assist you as well as provide you with valuable information.


What are the Services the IMT Repair Center Provides?

iPhone Repairs

The IMT Repair Center offers both hardware and software troubleshooting and repair for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S, SE, 7, 8.

Currently, the Repair Center is unable to service the iPhone X.

Free Diagnosis

A diagnosis is where the Repair Center look at a computer and examine its symptoms in order to identify the problem. Once found we attempt to fix the problem for free. Sometimes the repair will require a paid services where the Repair Center will send the customer a quote for the repair.

AppleCare Repairs

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider we are able to offer Apple Warranty repair to your laptop and desktop Apple Computers.

Virus Scan

A comprehensive suite of anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware software is ran ensuring that all malicious software and infected files are removed. This service also includes a free tune-up.


The IMT Repair Center will speed up your computer by decreasing startup time, troubleshooting problems, removing unneeded files and malicious programs, and much more. We will also clean your entire computer by cleaning the screen, keyboard, blowing out dust, etc.

Hardware Upgrades

The IMT Repair Center will install an applicable upgrade to the current hardware (RAM, Hard Drives, et cetera). The upgraded component(s) are either purchased by the Repair Center on behalf of the customer or provided by the customer.

Hardware Repairs

The IMT Repair Center will install a working version of damaged or broken hardware. The component is either purchased by the Repair Center on behalf of the customer or provided by the customer.

Operating System Installations

 An Operating System (Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite) will be installed onto a computer with the correct media and any keys provided by the customer. This will erase all files (pictures, movies, music, documents, etc.) and programs (Microsoft Office, Adobe, Skype, etc.) on the computer if the files have not already been backed up by the Repair Center or the customer.
This DOES NOT transfer files or programs that may have existed previously on the device.

Data Backup / Recovery

A copy of all existing files (pictures, movies, music, documents, etc.) will be backed up to our server.
If needed these files will be transferred onto a customer provided hard drive or other external hard drive.
This DOES NOT include programs (Microsoft Office, Adobe, Skype, etc.)

Software Installation

Provided with the appropriate installation media (disk, product key, download link, etc.) software is installed onto the customer’s computer and verified that it properly works.

Product Reset

The device will be reset to factory settings. This means that any programs (Microsoft Office, Adobe, Skype, etc.) installed and files created or downloaded after the initial setup will be deleted.
No files will be retrievable or backed up.

Secure HDD Disposal 

The IMT Repair Center will dispose of any hard drive ensuring that the recovery of data is impossible with the customers written consent.

 Consumer Replaceable Parts

The Repair Center will order non-specialized parts for the customer’s device.
These same components can be obtained and installed by the customer.

 Network Setup (RezNet Setup)

Troubleshoot any networking problems students are having with any device to get onto APUWIFI, APU-MYDEVICES, or APU-GUEST.

 Mobile Device Repair

Mobile Device Repair is the newest service from the IMT Repair Center. We are currently servicing all iPhone models from the iPhone 4 and newer.

We keep many common parts in stock so we can service your device and get it back to you as quickly as possible. If we don’t have the part on hand, we can get your phone back to you while we order the part.

If you break your screen, or need any other repair service, bring your iPhone to the IMT Support Desk today and we’ll quickly provide you with a free quote.

Additional Resources

IMT gives APU students, faculty, and staff many resources in order to help them succeed. 

IMT Student Services offers the following helpful resources to help you!


APU has free downloads for Enterprise Class virus protection, EndNote, and FileZilla for both Mac and Windows!

Gaming & Entertainment System Setups

APU allows many different devices to get internet through the APU-MYDEVICES network. This is the place to find guides and resources on how to get your devices set up!

Network Filter 

For your protection APU blocks many sites. This would be the place if you want more information about the Filter.

Student Software Discounts

APU Students have access to many student discounts online and through the computer store!

Free Virus Tools

If you have a virus on your computer we provide free help to help you get rid of it! You are always welcome to come into the Support Desk and have IMT help you!


All APU students have web storage space accessible via FTP protocol. This space can be used to back up important documents, presentations, and other important data as well as host websites. 


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