Ethernet ports in Student Living Areas

Engstrom/Trinity/Adams: Ethernet ports are offered in each room in the Dormitories as well as University Park. If the Ethernet port is not active, please make a ticket at and an IMT representative will be dispatched to activate your port. (See the  article "How do I use the Ethernet port in my living area?" for more information.)
Mods/University Village: At this time, all apartment housing have no access to the Ethernet ports within their apartments. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.
How to Use the Ethernet Ports in Student Living Areas

When using the Ethernet port in your dorm, the device you are plugging in must have it’s MAC address  registered in the portal.  This includes desktops, laptops, gaming systems, Smart TVs, etc.  Please be sure to register the Ethernet MAC address and NOT the Wireless MAC address of the device you are plugging in.


For information on how to register your specific gaming device, see the article How to register a device on the APU-MYDEVICES network

For information on how to register your desktop or laptop, see the article How to find the MAC address on your computer


If there are any issues with these connections, please contact the IMT Support Desk at (626) 815-5050
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