Connecting your Mac computer to APUWIFI

How to connect your Mac computer to APUWIFI 


1) Start up and log onto your computer

2) In the top right corner of the screen, on the status bar, click on the wireless indicator. A dropdown menu will appear, find and click the “APUWIFI” option.


3) A dialogue box will appear prompting you to enter your username and password. Your username is your APU Net ID, it is your email address without the domain. For example, if your APU email address is “” your username would be “aperson15” The password to log on to APUWIFI is the same as the password you set to access your APU account. Once you have filled out the appropriate data click the “Join” button.


4) A “Verify Certificate” Dialogue box will pop up, click the “Continue” button


5) Then the final dialogue box will appear, prompting you to enter the username and password for your computer, to authorize the connection. So whatever your username and password to log onto your computer is, type that information into the boxes provided and click “Update Settings”



6) You will then be connected to the internet

A video tutorial with these instructions can be found here.

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