This network will provide internet and network resources to devices pre-registered at (i.e. gaming systems and televisions). Only legacy systems not supporting 802.1x should use this network, as it is not encrypted end to end. Connect your Android and iOS phones and tablets to APUWIFI instead.


Setup Your Device to APUWIFI

Connecting a device to the MyDevices network can vary depending on the device and where it has the MAC address located. Generally, follow these instructions however, please take a look at our other articles for in-depth instructions on other devices.

  1. On the device, find the wireless MAC address which should be made of six alphanumeric number pairs separated by colons like this A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6. This is usually located in the settings of the device and then in network settings.
  2. On a computer, go to Enter your APU credentials and click "sign on."
  3. Add the Wireless MAC Address into the Device MAC Address" then add your device name into "Description." Then press "Submit." Check to make sure the Device ID matches the Wireless MAC Address on your device. Then sign out.
  4. Back on your device, connect to APU-MYDEVICES.
  5. Congratulations! Your device is now on APU-MYDEVICES.

If you are having problems or need more information please contact the Supp[ort Desk at 626-815-5050.

Please check out our additional articles on registering specific devices:

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For additional information on which devices may or may not be compatible with APU My Devices, please check our compatibility list located HERE.


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