Connecting to APUWIFI - Google Pixel Cell Phone

  1. Select APUWIFI (all upper case) from the WiFi Menu


  2. Enter your APU NetID (e.g. jsmith without as “Identity” and password when prompted for credentials and click Connect.  (Make sure CA certificate is set to 'Do not validate' and leave all other fields default.)


  3. Congratulations!  You are now Connected.
  4. For a more detailed list of how to connect
    1. Use PEAP for the EAP method
    2. Use MSCHAPV2 for the phase 2 authentication
    3. Use "do not validate" for the Online Certificate Status
    4. Use "" for the domain 
    5. Enter in your APU email exactly how it is for your identity: for example "" if you do not include the "" it does not work.
    6. Enter your password as normal for
    7. Change your Privacy to "use device MAC"
    8. Click save and connect and it should function properly


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