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The IMT (Information and Media Technology) Customer Service Department offers a rental service of handheld radios for special events sponsored by the university.  The service provider is an outside vendor; therefore we need at least 48 hours advance notice.  In order to use this service, click here.  For additional information and pricing, see below:

The cost per radio and for each accessory is based on a daily rate:

  • $12.00 per Radio - plus applicable taxes
  • This cost includes either one Headset or Microphone per radio if requested
  • There is a flat fee of $75 for delivery

All units come in a case, fully charged and ready to go.  All radios come with a spare battery at no additional cost.  Please indicate if you will be needing additional charging stations.

Wilcox Sound Contact:  Darlene 818-504-0507

 All radio’s come with the Channels pre-programmed: The following are the channel / frequency #’s:


                        FREQ 1 - Campus Safety

                        FREQ 2 - Facility Management

                        FREQ 3 - Information and Media Technology

                        FREQ 4 - Campus Safety personal tac

                        FREQ 5 thru 16 are channels to be used as you wish

 **Please Note: Unless specified, all radios will be dropped off at the Support Center and must be returned to the Support Center by 10am of the return date.

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