Toner Request Form/Toner Pricing/Returns

Please contact the IMT Support Desk to order a toner cartridge for your HP Laser Printer and Multi-function device (MFD). This service is being provided in conjunction with SafetyNett Industries (APU's printer maintenance and repair company). 

Process for ordering toner through IMT:

To view toner pricing, click here                                                                               

To order toner, access the form here

 Benefits to ordering toner through IMT:

1. Delivery is free and direct to location.
2. A SafetyNett tech can install, clean, and calibrate the cartridge for the desired printer at no additional charge.
3. No charge for service and replacement if the cartridge leaks or malfunctions (only applies for toner cartridges purchased through IMT). This service and replacement policy includes dropping the toner cartridge as well as up to 50% usage of the cartridge for which SafetyNett will take back and provide a replacement that is filled to 100%.
4. SafetyNett has agreed to take back toner, even if it is older than a year. This provides a guarantee that old toner can be exchanged for new toner due to a printer change (a new model was purchased or refreshed) with a 100% toward the new toner for the new printer.
5. SafetyNett's prices are locked and guaranteed, prices for toner will not increase.
**SafetyNett always encourages carrying backup toner for urgent situations.
Returning used toner to Safetynett:
To return used toner, place the cartridge in the toner box and return it to the Computer Store via intercampus mail. If the original toner box is unavailable, other packaging may be substituted. For additional information, please contact the IMT Support Desk at 626-815-5050.

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