MyCougar Health

Instructions for Entering Required Health Information into MyCougar Health Patient Portal

 Accessing MyCougar Health

 1) Go to and sign in


2) Log on to your student portal


3) Once logged in, the default page will be your My Page and under the Enterprise Menu find and click Self Service


4) Find and click on the MyCougar Health link


5) Found on the Home Page will be information regarding the immunizations required for enrollment at APU. Failure to complete this step will result in a hold on your class registration.


Uploading Immunization Information


6) Click the Forms tab and then the TB Questionnaire link near the bottom

After reviewing the Home Page, click on the Forms tab and then the TB Questionnaire listed under Student Health Center. Complete the TB Questionnaire and submit. You may skip this step if you have had a TB Skin test or TB blood test within the last 6 months.


7) Click on the Immunization drop down menu and click Enter Dates

Enter the dates of two MMR immunizations that are listed on your immunization record. (If you do not have a copy of your immunizations, check with your High School, they usually have a copy). If you did complete the TB Questionnaire, click Yes under results. If you did not complete this step, you may be prompted to add information regarding your TB status. Enter requested information. Enter any dates you have for recommended immunizations then click Submit.




You will receive a message reminding you that you are not done yet. You still need to upload a hard copy of your immunizations.


Uploading Hard Copy Immunization Records


7) Click on the Upload tab, it is the last tab on the right side. Follow the detailed instruction for uploading your records.


8) Beneath the Instructions for uploading documents is a listing of documents available to be uploaded


9) Beneath that is a drop down menu where you can select which item you uploading


10) Once you have selected the document type you are uploading, click the Select File button to choose the file for upload

11) Once you have found it, select it and click Open


12) You will then have the option to remove the file by clicking the X to the right of the file name; Change the file by clicking the Change button; or Upload the file by clicking the Upload button.


13) Once you have Uploaded a document, it will appear under the Documents already on file section, underneath the Upload section. From here you can View the File

You cannot remove a file once it has been uploaded

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