Replacing text in Word document based on Font (Windows & Mac)

Microsoft Word gives you the option to find and replace text based on the font and/or font style. 

Microsoft Word Versions 2016

  1. Select the Replace button on the Home Tab


  2. Select the More button


  3. Make sure your cursor is in the "Find what:" field, Select Format and then Font


  4. Select the font you wish to replace (1). You can specify style (bold, italic, etc.) (2) and size (3)
    Select OK


  5. Place your cursor in the "Replace with" dialog box (Tab or mouse click in the cell) and select Font... Format again. This time you will select the new font, and you can select the style and size you wish to use


  6. Finally select the Replace All option


  7. You can repeat this process if you have additional fonts to update or select the Close button. 


Microsoft Word for Mac 2016

  1. The Replace command in Microsoft Word for Mac 2016 is a little difficult to find. You first must locate the Find/Search box in the upper right hand corner of the Word window:

  2. Once you have located the Search box Select the drop-down arrow and select Replace

  3. This will open up the Find and Replace side panel.

  4. Select the Gear icon then Advanced Find & Replace


  5. You will probably need to select Replace (3) then the expand arrow (4) then click your cursor in the Find What box (5).  Select Format... Font (6) 


  6. Select the Font that you want to replace along with the additional attributes select OK
  7. Click in the Replace with box, then select Format... Font
  8. Select the Font along with any attributes that you want to change.  Select OK

  9. Select Replace All


  10. Repeat the process as necessary Select  Close when you have completed the desired changse. 


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