Filling Out HelloSign Forms

Using HelloSign forms is easy and straightforward!  Once logged into HelloSign via your APU account, simply follow HelloSigns guidance to complete whatever fields you have been asked to fill in! If you are new to using HelloSign and want more information about logging in the first time please see the article: Logging Into HelloSign

Fields are indicated on the form as required or optional by color.  Required fields are outlined in Red, while optional fields are outlined in Green.  The only exception is checkboxes.

  • Checkboxes may appear to be optional (indicated by the Green outline), however, they may have a required number of checkboxes, so pay close attention to the directions. For example:



     The owner of the document determines the restrictions for those checkboxes.  Below are some examples of checkbox restrictions and instructions HelloSign might provide in a grey box like this  that appears on top of the document if you attempt to do less or more than is required:

    • Must check only 1 box:  To select this box, please deselect the one you’ve already checked.

    • Must check at least 1 box or more:  Please select at least 1 of the highlighted checkboxes

    • Must check 2 (or more) boxes:  Please select at least 2 of the highlighted checkboxes.

  • Fields specifically designed for signature or initials are indicated with text inside the box Click to sign or Initials.   When you click on either of these types of fields, a pop up will appear for you to create or select a saved signature or initials  to enter in that field.  

  • Below are the 2 options with instructions for creating a signature or initials.   

    1. You may use your trackpad or mouse to draw a signature.

    2. Click Add signature when you are ready to save and use that signature

    1. The first time creating a signature you will have to type the name you wish to show as your signature, even though it appears that it is already entered.  

    2. You can then click the link Change fonts below the preview of the signature to choose your desired signature font.  

    3. Click Add signature when you are ready to save and use that signature

    4. Draw it in:  This is the default option that will be selected in the pop up the first time you create a signature for your account


    5. Type in signature:  There is a text box at the top of the pop up that will show your name according to your account information.  

  • Once you have created and saved a signature, the signature pop up will automatically go to the Use saved option on the right side of the pop up.  You can then select which signature you’d like to use and click Insert signature

  • Signed Date:

    • The date of signature is automatically captured by HelloSign which you might notice in a field near a signature or initials field if that field is included.

    • An Audit Trail is also created and attached to your document as a second page upon submission.  This captures the timestamp of your submission, as well as the email address and IP address used to fill out the form.  This is what makes HelloSign documents legally binding.

  • Once you have completed all the required fields, the button at the bottom right of your browser labeled I agree, which has been grey up until this point, will light up again in HelloSign’s bright blue to indicate that the document is ready to submit!  A small message, Click on “I agree” to legally sign this document, will also appear above the button to remind you what it means to submit the document.


Last updated 9/25/2020

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