Logging into HelloSign

Logging into HelloSign

1. When a form is accessed in HelloSign, a prompt will appear that will require the user to log into the system. There is an option to sign in with Google; make sure to use this option.



2. Once sign in with Google is clicked, a pop-up will appear showing any Google accounts that are currently signed in. If your account is already signed in, click on it to proceed.


If the desired account does not appear, click on Add Account.



3.  Clicking on Add Account will provide the option to sign in with the desired Google account, this should be the full APU email address

(EX: followed by the account password. 



 4. After the required information has been entered, the next screen will yield the standard APU CAS  sign-in page, this will require the user to enter their credentials one more time.


5. The first time HelloSign is accessed, it will require permission to use the provided account information. Click Accept to proceed.


The HelloSign login is now complete and ready to access necessary forms. For information on how to fill out forms in HelloSignplease see: Filling Out HelloSign Forms


Last updated - 12/19/2019

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