How to setup the IMT FileMaker Server in your FileMaker Pro App

  1. Open FileMaker

  2. Once FileMaker has completely opened, click on File>Open Remote

  3. Click on the View drop down menu and select Favorite Hosts and then click the Add... button


  4. In the Host's Internet Address field enter one of the following address and click Save (Academic Advising, CTLA, Graduate Psychology, APU Seminary, Office of Grants Management, Service Learning, and School of Music,) (School of Education, CSA, and Mexico Outreach)



  5. You should be back on the Open Remote File window. Click the Cancel

  6. You should be at the Quick Start Screen. You will notice that you have a Recently Viewed list. The recently viewed list will have the files that you have recently worked on. The list will have every FileMaker database hosted on the IMT FileMaker server. You may browse for your Database there. Alternatively you can search for the database in the search box.


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