Mac OS X Yosemite Wireless Connection Issues


Many users are experiencing intermittent wireless issues after upgrading to Mac OS X Yosemite. In some cases, wireless issues have rendered computers running OS X Yosemite practically unusable. This is not unique to APU’s network; several people have reported these same issues.


After upgrading to Yosemite, Wi-Fi connections (at APU, at home, and at other locations) will randomly disconnect and reconnect, or may drop and start searching for other networks. Many times it will reconnect momentarily before dropping and searching again. Often, this problem occurs when moving from one area to another, or after resuming from sleep. This has been an intermittent problem that has made troubleshooting difficult.


Apple has released the newest update for OSX Yosemite. This latest update (10.10.2) has specifically addressed the wireless problems plaguing many of those who upgraded to Yosemite. In IMT’s testing of both the early and regular releases of this update, we’ve verified that the wireless problems have been resolved. We encourage you to update to this newest release at your earliest convenience.

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Last updated February 3rd, 2015

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