Computer Buyout FAQ

1. Q: How much will it cost to buyout my old computer?
     Final price is decided by IMT Staff at the time of the request.

2. Q: Is any warranty included with the computer?
     A: The warranty that was purchased with the laptop originally will have expired by the time it is due for refresh.  IMT does not offer any extended warranty with computers that we have retired.

3. Q: Does the laptop come with a power cord?
     A: Power cords are sometimes included if stock permits. Assume the laptop will not come with one.

4. Q: Will all my Documents and Programs still be on the computer when I buy it out?
     A:  All documents will be transferred to your new computer during your refresh appointment.  Documents will be kept on the old machine for a minimum of two weeks before they are erased.  For licensing purposes all university owned software and operating systems are removed before the laptops are sold.

5. Q: Will Microsoft Office be included with the buyout computer?
     A: For licensing purposes all university owned software (including Microsoft Office) will be removed before the computer can be sold.

6. Q: What Operating System comes with the computer?  
     A: For HP machines we will use the copy of windows that originally came with the computer.  This can generally be identified by a sticker placed somewhere near the keyboard or under the laptop battery.  
     A: Apple generally comes out with an operating system every year.  Since Laptops have a refresh cycle of three years, the version of mac os x that came with the computer will be two or three versions behind the current.  For example if you are using the current Mac OSX Yosemite (10.10) then your machine most likely came with Mac OSX Lion (10.7).

 7. Q: What will the cosmetic condition of the buyout computer be?
      A: The cosmetic condition is based on how it was handled during its three year life cycle.  The computer you turned in before it was refreshed is the one you will receive should you choose to buy it out.  If you would like to purchase a different computer, all remaining machines that were not bought out during refresh will be sold during the November Computer sale at a first come first served basis. 

8. Q: Where do I purchase my computer?
     A: If you contact IMT at 626-815-5050 or an invoice will be made on your behalf.  You will need to take the invoice to the Cashier at the OneStop office to make the transaction.  Once you have returned to the Support Desk on East Campus with the receipt, the computer will be given to you.

9. Q: What are my payment options?
     A: Please contact the Cashier at x3430 or at

10. Q: Will IMT still service my buyout computer?
       A: All buyout computers will be considered personal computers and should be sent to an external repair center for servicing.  The cost of repair can vary.

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