Downloading & Installing EndNote

Downloading & Installing EndNote

EndNote is available for download to the faculty, staff, and students of APU. The following guide will assist you in downloading and installing the program.

Downloading the EndNote Installer can be located HERE.

For PC

1. Take note of where your web browser will download the file so you can access it after the download completes


2. Before you begin the EndNote installation, make sure you EXTRACT all files by selecting the Extract all files option up top. You can also double click on the zipped file to extract or right click on the zip files and choose extract all.



3. After clicking on the Extract All Files option, you will be presented with a window that will allow you to create a folder to extract the files to as well as a check box to show the files when the extraction is completed



4. Once extraction is completed, open the newly extracted folder.



5. Open the License text in order to see the License Key which will be needed later in the installation. You can highlight the License Key and copy it for future use.


6. Double click the installer to start the installation.



 7. If UAC asks if you want to run the installer select "Yes".

 8.  When the installer opens select "Next"



  9. Enter the product key which is located in the "License.txt" (See Step 6), and select Next.



  10. Enter in Your Name and use "Azusa Pacific University" as your organization, then select "Next"



11. The next page states information about the installation, just select "Next". Continue selecting "Next". Agree to the License, select "Next". Select Typical Installation. Confirm the Location of the Installation.




12. The installation might take a few minutes to complete. When the installation completes, select "Finish" to finish the installation process.





For Mac

1) Take note of where your web browser will be downloading the file to so you can access it after the download completes.


2) Double click on the zip file. It will create a new folder automatically above it. Double click the EndNoteX7Installer.dmg to open up the installer.


Once the installer launches, double click to install to the Applications folder.


3) After double clicking, the EndNote installer will launch. You may be prompted for your computer password to complete the task. This will install the program.


4) You will now go through the EndNote Customizer, start clicking Next.


5) The next screen requests the product key. This is available in the folder that the .zip file extracted to. Once entered, click Next.


6) With the product key entered, you can continue through the installation. You can register online and click on Done to complete.



7) At the conclusion of the install, you will be prompted to update. Though optional, it is recommended.


8) The progress bar will display the download progress.


This installation and setup is complete. If you need assistance with these steps, contact the IMT Support Desk at 626-815-5050.


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