How to run Symantec Endpoint Protection

1. From your Windows Machine, choose the Start button and in the Search Bar, type 'Symantec Endpoint Protection'. Select the Program. 

2. The front screen will appear. You can see the status of your protection. On the left hand side, choose 'Scan for Threats'.




3. You will have the option to run a quick 'Active' scan or more thorough 'Full' scan. Choose 'Full Scan'. 




4. A scan window will appear. This is for you to see which files are being scanned. You may minimize this screen to continue working on your computer, and the virus scan will run continuously in the background. 




5. You will know the scan is complete when you are automatically redirected to the 'View Quarantine' page in Symantec. If there is anything found, select the threat and press 'Delete'. 




6. To complete the scan, please restart your computer. 

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