Adding Calendars to Outlook using Google Sync Tool

Using Microsoft Outlook with the Google Apps Sync Tool allows you sync not only your Google Calendar to Outlook but other calendars that you have been given access to. In most cases those calendars will show up automatically when you open Outlook. If they do not, you may use the steps below to add them manually.

  1. Click on the "Arrow" on the System tray at the lower right hand corner of your screen.


  2. Locate the Google Apps Sync Tool icon (Please note, you may find this icon on the system tray without doing step 1.)


  3. Right mouse button click on the Google Apps Sync Tool. 


  4. Click on Select calendars to sync...


  5. Add a checkmark to the calendars you wish to sync:


    Click OK

Depending on the number of calendars and how many items they have the initial sync may take several minutes. 


If you have any questions or comments please contact the IMT Support Desk.

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