Getting Started

  1. Go to on the internet.
  2. On the Turnitin home page, first click on the CREATE ACCOUNT link if you do not already have an account with Turnitin. 
  3. On the next window, click on INSTRUCTOR under CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, towards the bottom of the page.
  4. Register as a faculty member at APU using this service.  Please contact the Office of Innovative Teaching and Technology at to get the Account ID and Join Password.
  5. Complete the form with your personal information and click the I AGREE button at the bottom. 
  6. For future logins you will use the email and password that you created on your own.  The Account ID and Join Password are only for creating your account and should not be shared with students.


Setting Up Your Class 

 1. After you have created your account, you will need to create a class.  

    • In the next window, click on add a class to include a class in your list. 

2. Enter the class name and create an enrollment password.  The enrollment  
    password is the password your students will use to enroll in your class.

a. The end date is when your class ends in the semester.

b. Click on Submit

4. The next window will have the class listed.

a. Students will need the Class ID and the enrollment password to enroll in   
    the class.

b. You may wish to include the following link to a short tutorial to instruct
     students on submitting to Turnitin…



Creating an Assignment in Your Class  

1.   Click on the name of the course where you want to add an assignment. 

  1. Click on New Assignment at the top right of the box that includes your course name. 
  1. Identify the assignment as a PAPER ASSIGNMENT.  You can next add another REVISION ASSIGNMENT to your list.  NOTE:  Revision Assignments do not get evaluated against anything in the database. 
  1. In the next window, enter the assignment title (suggestion:  use the title that appears in syllabus) and due date/post date.  Under OPTIONAL SETTINGS, leave identified items as is.  
  1. Click Submit to add the assignment to the class home page.


Submitting a Paper for Examination  

1.  The next window that appears will have the assignment listed.  Click on MORE ACTIONS to reveal a drop-down menu.  Then click on SUBMIT PAPER.  

  1. On the paper submission page, enter the paper’s title and its author’s first and last names. 
  1. Click Browse and locate the paper on your computer.  Then click Upload.
    • Submissions are accepted in MS word, WordPerfect, RTF, PDF, PostScript, HTML, and plain text (.txt) 
  1. The next window will show a copy of the paper you have uploaded for examination.  Look over the document to ensure it is correct.  Click Submit to finalize your submission.


 Receiving an Originality Report 

  1. Review of a submitted paper only takes minutes! 
  1. To view the report,
  2. a.   from the Class Homepage à click View under ACTIONS, then in the next window, click the % colored bar icon under SIMILARITY
  3. b.   from assignments Inbox à click on the % colored bar icon under SIMILARITY 
  4. Note:  a grayed out % colored bar icon means that the submission is still being examined and a report has not yet been generated.
  5. Additional Notes
  6. If you have a hard copy of a student’s paper and want to submit it for examination, it needs to be scanned as a PDF file and saved as a Text Document before submitting it. 
  7. If you are enrolling students in your course, you must have a list of the names in the form…first name, last name, email address
  8. Student lists cannot be uploaded from Cougar’s Den.  You can copy the list into either an Excel file or a Word Document but then must transfer the names to the format in #2 above.
  9. Student startup directions can be found on the home page under the TRAINING tab à STUDENT TRAINING section.  The directions are found in the STUDENT QUICKSTART GUIDE and can be found at the bottom of the page, in the RESOURCES section.  Either print out the guide for students or direct them to the url: 

 This will contain all the directions the students need to enroll in your course as well as to submit their own papers if you wish them to do this.

 If further questions arise, visit the website




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