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Online Journaling


Creating Your Online Journal

1. Click “Clog” in the left sidebar. (Clog stands for Community Blog).

2. In the top tool bar, click “Create new post”

3. In the Title box, type your name and the word “Journal”. For example, “Jane Smith’s Journal”.

4. Type whatever you want in the text box.

5. Save your work by clicking one of the buttons on the screen. If you want other students to see your journal, click “Publish”. If you want to keep your journal private, click “Save as Draft”. You may publish or unpublish your journal whenever you want.

6. You can tell if a journal is private because it has a small key next to the name. (See Jane Smith’s journal below).



Adding to Your Online Journal

1. Open Clog in the left sidebar.

2. Click the small pencil that is above your journal’s title. (See figure above).

3. Make your changes and additions in the visual editor text box, and save your work.


Commenting on Someone’s Journal

If a journal is shared, you may comment on it by clicking the comment icon above the journal title.

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