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A weblog or "blog" as they are now known, is a web site, usually used as an online diary or a way to post commentaries and news updates on a particular topic of interest. The Blogs tool creates a multi-user blog on your Sakai site. Users can make their posts public or private. This is a great tool for student reflection.

Click the Add blog entry action button below the Blogs tool title bar. Enter a title and the text for your blog post. Choose who will have the ability to see this entry: site administrators and yourself, all members of the site, or the public (everyone with the blog's address).

Click the Publish entry button to save your post.

Continue reading for more detailed instructions and instructions for advanced features.




1. Adding the Blogs tool to your Sakai course


Select “Site Editor”


Select “Edit Tools”


Check the box for “Blogs”, then click “Continue” then click “Finish”.  Note: you may want to uncheck the “Clogs” box to disable it and remove it from the side bar.




2. Create a Blog Post

Click “Blogs” in the left menu to open this tool.


Click the “Add blog entry” action button below the Blogs tool title bar.



Enter a title and any text for your post.




To enter a link, highlight the text you wish to make a link and then click on the Insert/Edit Link icon (world with chain link).



Enter the web address for the site you wish to link to in the URL field and then click OK.

To ensure you have the correct URL, it is helpful to copy the URL directly from your browser's address bar when you are viewing the site that you want to add. In Windows, use Control + C to copy and Control + V to paste. In OS X, use Command + C to copy and Command + V to paste.

The “Choose who can see this entry”  below the content box allows you to set who can see your blog post. The “site administrators and I setting will prevent anyone other than yourself, including the site owner, from seeing your blog post. The members of this site option will make your blog post viewable by all other site members. If you choose ‘publicly viewable’, anyone can see your blog entry, if they have the web address (URL) for it. However, it is not easy for people to find out a web address unless you tell them what it is!

2.1 Post

Once you are finished adding content to your post click the “Publish Entry” button to create your post.

2.2 Editing a Post

To make changes to a completed post, click on “My Blog”  at the top of the page if you are in the “ALL the Blogs” section other wise click the “Edit entry” button at the bottom of a posting. You will be able to make changes and add new content in the same way as when the post was originally created.

3. View Blog Posts

By default, only the names of the course participant will display in the “All the blogs” section. Clicking the name of the participant will show their collection of blog posts.

4. Delete a Post

You can only delete blog posts that you created. To do this click the Remove entry button below your post. You will then be asked to confirm the deletion. Click the OK button to delete it or the Cancel button if you do not wish to delete it.

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