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How to customize the Course Menu


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By default, the Course Menu page looks like this:



You can edit this page to fit your needs and course. This page is housed in Resources.


1. Click on “Resources” in the menu bar.

2. Find the file called “Course Menu Page Index” and where it says “Actions” use the dropdown box to select “Edit Content


3. That will bring you to a page that looks like this:

4. From here, you can use the text editor to change/delete/edit the text and click “Continue” to publish.



The outline in the left hand column with the numbered sessions is there for instructors who want to create Index pages in Resources and then manually link them in - usually done in fully online classes and those who do not use the Lessons tool.

Feel free to remove the session outline and replace that text with links that may be relevant for your students or to add additional information for your students such as office hours, etc.


If you are going to paste anything into this window, be sure to use the “Paste from Word” tool:

1. Click the “Paste from Word” tool icon

2. Highlight the text you want to insert and paste it into the box.

3. Leave the first checkbox checked

4. Click “Ok



Insert a Link

1. Highlight the text you want to link

2. Click the “Insert/Edit Link” tool icon

3. Paste the link into the URL box

4. Click “Ok


*Tip* To have the link open in a new window, click “Target” before clicking “Ok”. Then Select “New Window” from the dropdown box. Then click “Ok”.


To edit the links that are already there, simply highlight the text of the link you wish to change


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