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How to Import Selected Items

from Another Sakai Course


IMPORTANT! Open only your TARGET course,

(the course that needs the new information).


  1. Enter your “Target” course shell.


Attention “Modules” tool users: If your original course features the "Modules" tool, check your blank shell to see if "Modules" are listed in the left sidebar. If not, you will need to add the "Modules" tool before you start the import process. 1) click "Site Info" in the left sidebar. 2) click "Edit tools" in the top toolbar. 3) Select the "Modules" tool and click "Continue" to save.


  1. In the left side bar, near the bottom, click "Site Info"


  1. The Site Info toolbar should appear near the top of the screen. (If you do not see the toolbar, click the blue arrows to reset the page.)


  1. Click Import from Site on the menu bar (Figure B).

Figure B


  1. An “Import Options” menu will appear (Figure C).

Figure C


  1. Select an import method from the menu (Figure C). Each option is explained below.

I would like to replace my data. This will rewrite all the existing material in the “blank” course and is ideal for copying content from a previous course or project into the Live Term course. This method allows you to import Gradebook Settings.

I would like to merge my data. This allows you to merge data from multiple sites into your new site. (This method does not import gradebook settings.)  This method is ideal when you want to combine content from two or more courses into one new course.

I would like to merge my users. Ignore this third option.


  1. Once you select an import method, Check the appropriate box(es) for the site(s) from which you wish to import material. (Figure D)


  1. After selecting the courses on the import menu (Figure D), click the Continue button to proceed.

Figure D


  1. A screen will appear (Figure E) that lists all course tools.  Check the box of each tool that contains material that you want to reuse in your new site.

Note: If you replace existing Wiki material with imported material, the existing material is archived and can be accessed from the History link in the Wiki menu bar.


Figure E


To proceed, click Finish (Figure E). It may take one minute or more for the Site Info to import material from other sites. When the process is complete, you will be  return to the Site Info home page (Figure B).


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