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How to Enroll Additional Faculty or TA’s into a Sakai Course


Step 1. Open the course you wish to enroll a Faculty member or (TA) Teaching Assistant in.


Step 2. Go to the Site Info in the course.


Step 3. Select the Add Participants tab from the list of tabs across the top of the page.


Step 4. Enter the NetID (email address minus of the person you wish to enroll in your course (i.e. tepadmin or kjules12) into the top text box and then select Continue. If you need to enroll someone outside of apu, you can use their full email address here.



Step 5. Next choose the role you wish to give the account you just entered (i.e. Additional Faculty for other Faculty you wish to give access to your course, or TA for your course Teaching Assistant). DO NOT USE THE FACULTY ROLE. The FACULTY role is designated by the instructor who is listed as the instructor of record on the official roster in PeopleSoft. To change who is listed as the FACULTY role, you must contact the Registrar. Then press Continue.




Step 6. Select Send Now if you wish to have an automated email sent to the user account you have just enrolled, informing them that they are now enrolled in your course (Don’t Send is the default option) and then select Continue.


Step 7. Select Finish to enroll the user account in your Sakai course shell.


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