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How to use the Assignment tool


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1. Select Assignments from the menu bar.


2. Click “Add” in the menu bar.



3. Give your assignment a clear Title. It is a good idea to start the title with the week or session that the assignment is associated with.



4. Select an Open Date and Time for the assignment, keeping in mind that the assignment will not be visible to your students until the open date.


5. Set a Due Date for the assignment, making sure to note the Time you will have the assignment close.


6. Set the Accept Until date. Accept Until allows students to submit an assignment after the due date. Sakai will mark the assignment that it was submitted after the due date as LATE.  Students cannot see the “accept until” date, they will only see the due date.



7. Set the type of Student Submission you will accept.

  • Inline Only” only allows students to submit an answer through a text box (no attachments)

  • Attachments Only” only allows students to upload attachments, not type in a text box

  • Inline and Attachments” allows students to type in a text box and upload an attachment

  • Non-electronic” designates that the assignment will be turned in by hand in class. Using the assignment tool even for in-class assignments is a great way to help students keep track of what they need to do, and also their grades.

  • Single Uploaded File Only” allows students to only submit one attachment


8. Selecting the “Allow Resubmission” box makes a new set of options appear.


9. Select the Number of Resubmissions allowed, and the the Date until which you will accept resubmissions. It is important to note that you will need to grade & return a students first submission before they can submit a second time. This will be an option in the grade assignments window.


10. Select the Grade Scale for the assignment and enter the number of points, if necessary.

11. Enter any Assignment Instructions you have. If you are copying and pasting from your syllabus be sure to use the “Paste from Word” tool.



12. If you would like to use the Turnitin Service then select Use Turnitin. Leave the default options as is.  You may also select Allow students to view report if you choose. Then scroll to the bottom and click Post to save the changes. (more information here)



13. Under Grading, Select “Add Assignment to Gradebook.” If you have set up categories in your gradebook already, you can select which category to enter this assignment into. If not, it will be put in an “Unassigned” category and you can re-categorize it later in the Gradebook.



14. Select your Email Notification options for you and the students.



15. If you have an attachment, such as a Word Document with instructions you can attach it here.


16. Click “Post” to finish and save the assignment.

17. After you have posted the assignment, you can edit it at any time by click “Edit” from the main Assignment List.

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