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How to Grade an Assignment Online from the Assignment tool



1. Go into Assignments.



2. Click “Grade” underneath the Assignment that you wish to grade.


3. This will take you a screen that shows all the assignments that have been submitted.


4.  Click “Grade” under the name of the student whose paper you wish to grade.


5. On the next screen you will see the student’s submission. If you allowed for Inline and Attachments, then be sure to look in the text box for information from the student.


6. Below the Inline text box, you will see any Attachments which you can click on to download.


7. In the next section you can leave comments for the student about the assignment which will be returned to the student with their grade.



8. Click “Add Attachment” if you would like to return an attachment to the student (ie additional comments, graded paper, etc.)


9. Give the assignment a Grade.



10. If you would like to Allow Resubmissions check that box.


11. Then choose the number of

resubmissions that you will allow


12. Add a date that you will Accept Until.

13. Save Options:

  • Save and Don’t Release to Student - allows you to release all grades at one time later, from the assignment page by clicking “Release Grades

  • Save and Release to Student - allows students to see their grades as soon as you release them. This releases the grades so that students can view them in the Assignments section.


Note: For the Student to be able to see the Released Grade in Gradebook, you need to have “Release scores” checked for the corresponding item in the Gradebook.

  • double click the name of the assignment

  • check “Release Scores

  • Save/Close


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