Uploading and Publishing a Syllabus in Sakai

Uploading and Publishing a Syllabus in Sakai

1. You can access the syllabus portion of Sakai by clicking on Syllabus located in left-hand menu.




2. Once inside the Syllabus portion of Sakai, you will want to upload your syllabus by clicking on Add Item at the top of the screen.

2. Once inside the Syllabus portion of Sakai, you can upload your syllabus by clicking... 




3. After you click on Add Item, you will receive a prompt to name the syllabus. You can name the syllabus at your own discretion. Once you have decided on your syllabus name, click on Add.




4. Once you have clicked on Add, the syllabus section will be created in Sakai which will allow a syllabus attachment to be added.



5. After you click on Add attachments,  you will be presented with the opportunity to search for and upload the syllabus file at the top of the screen.



6. If the syllabus has been properly added, it will appear above.




7. With your syllabus properly loaded, click on Continue to proceed.



8. The syllabus is now properly uploaded but is not visible to students. In order for it to be visible, you will need to published it by clicking on the light bulb icon in the syllable field.


This light bulb will turn on when it is clicked indicating the syllabus is published.


With the syllabus published, students enrolled in the course will now be able to view the syllabus.


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