Sakai Evaluation System

If you’re an instructor or site owner, the Evaluation System tool allows you to conduct anonymous formative and summative evaluations of your sites and view the results. You may also use this tool to conduct general surveys.

The Evaluation System tool is quite flexible. Using it, you may:

  • Create scaled (rating) questions, multiple choice questions with single or multiple answers, and/or freeform-text questions.
  • Create your own rating scales for questions.
  • Create evaluation templates, each of which may include questions you have already created, “expert” questions created by others for your use, and/or new questions that you create during the template creation process.
  • Create evaluations based on your templates and/or templates that have been created for others for your use.
  • Choose groups of evaluators for each evaluation, automatically notify these evaluators of upcoming evaluations, and remind them to complete active evaluations they have not yet taken.
  • Require central authentication by evaluators or allow them to take evaluations without logging in.
  • Set the time period during which an evaluation will be available.
  • View results online for a single evaluation or a series of evaluations conducted during a time period you specify. (You may access results only after evaluations close.)
  • Export evaluation results to an Excel spreadsheet, a comma-delineated (CSV) file, or a PDF.
  • Access all questions, templates, and evaluations you have created for multiple sites.




Accessing the Evaluation System

Working with Evaluation Questions and Headers

Working with Templates

Creating Evaluations

Previewing Evaluations

Changing Evaluations

Removing Evaluations

Closing and Reopening Evaluations

Viewing and Working with Evaluation Results

For Evaluators: Taking an Evaluation

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