How to Add Additional Faculty in Sakai

If a professor wants to add ADDITIONAL faculty to a course, this can be accomplished adding additional participants through the following process:


1. The current professor of the course will need to access the Site Editor located in the left-hand Sakai menu



2. Next, select Add Participants located at the top:



3. Once Add Participants is accessed, there will be 2 fields available. One field allows the user to add an APU username and the other allows the user to add Non-APU Email Addresses of Non-Official Participants. The user will need to input the APU Username in the field stated under Other Official Participants.



4. Choose Additional Faculty as the role.


5. Finally, a notification email can be sent to the added user.


**Be aware, this is meant to add ADDITIONAL FACULTY to an existing course. If a course is switching professors or a new professor is taking over a course for the future, the change must be made with the appropriate registrar to update the faculty of record.


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