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How to Enable & Use Turnitin

1. Click Edit to change the settings on the assignment.

2. Students need to submit their assignment as an attachment, so be sure that one of the options that includes attachments is selected like Inline and Attachments.

3. Select Use Turnitin. Leave the default options as is.  You may also select Allow students to view report if you choose.  Then scroll to the bottom and click Post to save the changes.

4. Students turn in their assignments as normal, using the attachments feature. This is the student view:

Note: The first time you (the instructor) use Turnitin you will receive an email from Turnitin letting you know that your profile has been created and that you need to login to change your password.

5. To view the Turnitin Report, select Grade under the assignment’s name.

6. In the Turnitin column, an icon will appear showing that the report is ready. If you hover your mouse over the icon (without clicking) a box will appear showing the score. To view the report, click the report icon.

Clicking the report icon will bring you to a screen that shows line by line any content that may not be original.

Note: Please do not use GradeMark as it is not fully functional at this time.

For additional tutorials on using Turnitin, please visit their website:


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