How to download resources to a computer

How to Download Resources to a Computer


1. From the Side Bar select Resources

2. Click on the name of the Folder that has the document you wish to download.

3. To Download a Document (ie Word Doc, Powerpoint, etc.) click on the title.

Choose Save File

This will prompt your internet browser to Save the document to whatever folder you have specified in your settings. If you have not changed this setting, chances are it is downloading to the “Downloads” folder.

On a Mac computer, you can open the Finder

Then click Downloads. The downloaded file should be at the top of the list and you can Drag the file to the folder you would like to place it in.

4. To Download an Image click on the title of the image.

This will bring up the image in a new window. Then you can right click on the image (on a Mac Control + Click) and choose Save Image As.

Choose the folder you want to save the image in, and click Save.

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