Course Help in Sakai

Professor cannot see their class in Sakai

Most likely the professor is not listed as the professor of record in Peoplesoft. The department admin will need to contact the Registrar to have this changed in Peoplesoft, the change will take about 1-2 business days to take effect.

Professor needs to add someone or a user needs to be added to a class to view it as a guest or auditor

If someone wants to be added to a course as a guest, the professor needs to go to Site Editor and then click Add Participant and they can add them as a guest. Students or auditors need to have a call number and register through the Registrar. Remember to use a non-apu email address.

Professor has a student in an incorrect section of the course and needs to move them to a different section

The student needs to call to call the Registrar and have the Registrar remove the student from the section they are currently in and enroll them in the proper section. This takes about 1 -2 business days for the change to take effect. The professor can also opt to merge the course. To do that, the professor must fill out this form.

Student is registered for a course but it is not showing up in Sakai

There are multiple reasons for this. If the student is calling before the beginning of the semester, then most likely the professor has not published the course. If the student has just added the course after the semester began, then it will take about 1-2 business days for the course to show up in Sakai.

Professor is trying to import a test or assignment from a different course in Sakai

To properly import and copy information to a new Sakai shell, the professor must go to site editor and click on import from site. The professor will then need to select if they want to replace data, merge data, and merge users. DO NOT use Merge Users, this will bring students from all classes together but the change won’t stick because the change is not in Peoplesoft. If you want to bring in tests, assignments, or threads from another shell into the new shell you will use merge data.

Professor is teaching a course but the shell is empty

New shells are always blank, the professor needs to go to Site Editor and click on Import from Site and select Replace my Data to do whatever they need to do


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