How Do I Create a Guest Account For Lab Printing?

How Do I Create a Guest Account For Lab Printing?

If you need to use the library lab printers but do not have an APU NetID, please follow these steps to create a guest account for lab printing. 

  1. Go to

  2. Fill out all of the requested information and then click REGISTER

  3. The username and password you create for your guest account can be used to sign into all printers and kiosks in the library labs.

    • When signing into the printers/kiosks with guest credentials, you must include lab- before your username (ex. lab-kjohnson12)
  4. If you need to add money to print, please use your guest credentials to sign into the kiosk.  Guests may only add funds via the kiosk. 

NOTE: Your guest printing credentials may not be used to sign into the lab computers.  Guest login passes may be obtained from the circulation desk.

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