How to Create a Digital Signature

The following instructions are directions on how to create a digital signature for use with documents.

Please Note: Creating a digital signature is not valid for legal purposes

These instructions are guided instructions from the scanner option of a network printer:

  1. Place doc in the copier
  2. Touch "Email" on the screen
  3. Touch "Email Settings"
  4. Touch "Email Settings" again
    1. Color: Black and White
    2. File Type: JPEG
    3. Touch "OK"
    4. Touch "OK" again
  5. Touch "TO:"
  6. Type email address
    1. Touch "OK"
  7. Touch "Start"
  8. After scan is done, Popup message will come up, Do NOT save settings.
  9. Take doc and open your email.
  10. Download attachment to your desktop.

**Note: It is not recommended to save signature files/jpg on Department Shares (M drive) due to multiple people having access to the information. Please use either your personal share (L) or Google Drive to save these files. 

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