How to obtain a printer refund from WEPA

In a situation where a student is incorrectly charged for a print job, you may request a printer refund from WEPA for the incorrect charges.

To request a refund, email and provide the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • wēpa Username/Email
  • Attach Scan or Picture of a representative print showing the defects such as fading, smearing, etc.
  • Payment Option: wēpa account, Credit/Debit Card, wēpa Print Card, or Campus Student ID Card
  • If Credit/Debit Card: last 4 digits,
  • Document Name
  • Date of incident  (Request for refund must be made within 3 business days)

If you do not have a representation of the bad print, then your refund request will need to be approved by a supervisor. This is to eliminate fraudulent refund requests.

Please NOTE:  wēpa will no longer refund for user error.  Please verify that your document is how you want it prior to uploading, and DOUBLE CHECK THE FINAL TOTAL PRICE at the Print Station prior to clicking on your Payment option. If you feel that the final cost of your document is not correct, then double check your upload.  If you made the mistake of uploading your document in color, do not print it, re-upload in Black and White.

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