How to obtain a printer refund from Libraries

In a situation where a student is incorrectly charged for the print job, you may request a printer refund for the incorrect charges. Printer refunds may be necessary for a number of reasons including but not limited to, being charged too many times for a document, being charged but the document did not print, charged for more copies than actually made etc. 

Printer refunds may be submitted either by the student lab technician or the customer. 

Please use the "Submit a Request" button available here at

     Enter your e-mail as your e-mail address and “Printer Refund Request” as the subject.

     All ticket descriptions must begin with the student lab technician identifying who they are and what library they are located in.

“This is [insert student technician name here], a lab tech in [insert library name here].  A customer would like a printer refund.  Their information is listed below:”

     The following information will be required for a complete refund to be possible:

  •  Customer’s name
  • Customer’s APU NetID
  • Date and time of the incident
  • Amount of the requested refund
  • Description of what happened

It is important that we get as much information as possible about the problem that occurred when the student was incorrectly charged for printing or copying.  The more specific of a description, the more likely the customer will receive a refund.

The “Location” is the library a student technician is stationed to work at.

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