Mapping a Network Drive and Drive Size - Windows 7 & 10

There are two methods to map your personal network drive (often referred to as the 'L' drive)

*Method 1:  *Use this method to temporarily access your network drive. For example in a lab or a university computer other than your own.

A. Click the Start button

B. Type in \\apufiles\user$\yourapunetid 

In the example below I'm connecting to my personal drive.

Press Enter 

Windows 7: win_1.png

Windows 10: 2017-07-28_13-58-37.jpg

Method 2: Use this method for a permanent connection to your personal drive. 

C. Right-click on Computer (Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 10)

D. Select Map network drive...

Windows 7: win 2.png

Windows 10: 2017-07-28_13-56-09.jpg

E. Choose a Drive Letter to represent your personal share.
F. Type in: \\apufiles\user$\apunetid

G. *Click on Reconnect at logon* if you wish the computer to connect to this drive every time you log on.

H. Click Finish


Please Note:  If you wish to connect to a department share (Commonly known as the 'M' drive) substitute the following for steps B and F:



**Note on drive size:

  • The personal drive (often referred to as the L drive) is 4 gigs in size.

  • The department share drive (often referred to as the M drive) is 10 gigs in size.



Last Updated: 07/28/2017

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