Mapping A Network Drive On APU Issued Computers- Windows 10

There are two methods to map your network drive (personal or department) (often referred to as the 'L' or 'M' drive)

When working from home on your APU issued computer you will need to be connected to the VPN please follow

How to connect to the VPN

*Method 1:  *Use this method to temporarily access your network drive. For example in a lab or a university computer other than your own.

A. Click the Start button

B. Type in \\apufiles\user$\yourapunetid 

In the example below I'm connecting to my personal drive.

Press Enter 


Method 2: Use this method for a permanent connection to your personal or department drive. 

C. Click the file folder on the taskbar

D. Right-click on This PC (Windows 10)

F. Select Map network drive...





E. Choose a Drive Letter to represent your personal share.
F. Type in: \\apufiles\user$\apunetid

G. *Click on Reconnect at logon* if you wish the computer to connect to this drive every time you log on.

H. Click Finish


Please Note:  If you wish to connect to a department share (Commonly known as the 'M' drive) substitute the following for steps B and F:



**Note on drive size:

  • The personal drive (often referred to as the L drive) is 4 gigs in size.

  • The department share drive (often referred to as the M drive) is 10 gigs in size.



Last Updated: 02/18/2022

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