Printing in the Library Labs

What are Labs?

Labs are various groups of computer stations that are provided to the APU community.  

In each library is a lab that is equipped with printers, copiers, and computers available for student use.  These labs are located in:

  • Darling Library (Ahmanson Information Center)
  • Marshburn Library (1st floor)
  • Stamps Theological Library (2nd floor, reference section)

An IMT Lab Technician is available in each library for any technical assistance you might need.


         Printing & Copying:

         B&W printers: $0.10 per page

with Duplex: $0.08 per side

         Color printers: $0.20 per page

with Duplex: $0.17 per side


         $0.01 per page


There is a Kiosk available in both Marshburn and Darling Library that can be used to add money to your APU account exclusively for printing on campus.

 Library Policy

While using library labs, patrons are expected to abide by the library policies ( ) . Please respectfully follow instruction given by librarians and IMT lab technicians.

If you require technical assistance or refund assistance please contact IMT Support


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