Mapping a Network Drive and Drive Size - Mac

UPDATE 7/6/17: Use SMB to map drives on Mac. Read Below 


To map your network drives (Departmental "M" drive, Personal "L" drive)

  1. Click on the Go option on the menu
  2. Select Connect to Server...

  3. Type in the following information smb://apufiles/group$/...  Substitute "imt" with the name of your department share. 
  4. Clicking the + will add this server as a Favorite making it easier to connect to next time
  5. Press Connect

  6. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add your personal network drive ("L") Type in the following substituting your APU NetID for rlucchesi.
  7. Click the + to add your personal drive as a favorite server.
  8. Click the  Connect button to connect to server.

You will see an icon like the one below somewhere on your Desktop.  You double-click on them to open them and access the files.



**Note on drive size:

  • The personal drive (often referred to as the L drive) is 4 gigs in size.

  • The department share drive (often referred to as the M drive) is 10 gigs in size


If you have any questions please contact the IMT Support Desk.

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