Adding a Printer - Windows 7

Windows 7 - Adding a Printer

Step 1. Click on Start Menu

Step 2. Click on Devices and Printers.


Step 3. Click on Add a printer


Step 4. Click on Add a local printer


Step 5. Click on Create a new port: from the drop down select Local Port


Step 6. In the Enter a port name: field, enter \\\printername where printername is the name of the printer desired.


Step 7. In the Manufacturer pane of the next screen, you will be able select the name of the printer manufacture. Then you will choose the model of the printer from the Printers pane. You will want to choose the highest PCL driver if multiple are available. 
Note: If a driver is available for your HP printer scroll down to the bottom and choose the HP Universal Printing PCL 6. If that is not available to you, please contact the Support Desk for assistance to install the HP Universal Printing Drivers.

**When walking someone through installing a printer, you can do a run command in windows and type \\ then change the view to details and locate the printer. In the comments column, you can find the type of printer so you can instruct the user which driver to install.



Step 8. OPTIONAL If you have installed another printer with the same driver as you have just chosen, you will be asked if you want to reinstall the driver. Choose Use the driver that is currently installed (recommended).

Note: If the printer driver is not there, it can be downloaded from 


Step 9. Here you will be asked to name the printer. In Printer name: Put the Grace name of the printer. 


Step 10. You will be asked if you want to share the printer. By default Share this printer… will be selected. You will want to select Do not share this printer


Step 11. Final Step: The last page will have a check box to set the printer as the default printer and an option to print a test page. Both are optional, if you would like the printer to be you default then check the box and if you want to make sure you added the printer correctly. After that your are done! 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Support Desk at extension 5050 or email them at

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